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First name: fresh overhead epidemic raging, the US Treasury to increase sanctions against Iran masks for Coronavirus for sale

local time on March 26, the US Treasury Section released a on the subject of the potential will increase the intensity of sanctions against Iran assertion that Iran will be five organizations and 15 individuals related sanctions. face masks for coronavirus.

n95 face masks for sale,According to “The Wall structure Street Diary,” Drive 26 news, the US will end up being announced on the 26tthey would five Iranian entities and 15 people related sanctions, because the United Expresses that these organizations and individuals involved in acts of terrorism, in violation of the US authorities Professional Purchase No. 13224, used.

US Treasury Secretary Mu Nuqin in a declaration claims that these cover companies take advantage of the Iranian federal government as a terrorist company financed by way of diverting resources from the hands of the Iranian people, the terrorists positioned the basic requirements of their people above, “the United Says will not tolerate Iran to control sanctions under the exemption, and make a income.”

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Coronavirus masks,earlier, the US constant additional sanctions against Iran. US Treasury regional time on Drive 19 announced a five UAE essential oil sanctions, because a great deal of these businesses purchase Iranian oil; 16, the US Business Section announced sanctions against Iran five nuclear experts. 17, the US Condition Division announced the sale of petrochemical items to help Iran of nine companies and three business owners sanctions. Surgical face masks.

best mask for coronavirus,Iran called for the international community to boycott the US “unlawful sanctions” against Iran, and charged the US sanctions influence the country’s efforts to battle the outbreak of pneumonia new overhead.

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Iranian health officials Mar 26 stated that in the past 24 hours, Iran’s new overhead fresh confirmed instances 2389 situations of pneumonia, a total of 29,406 situations diagnosed.

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Johns Hopkins University released current statistics show that as Beijing period at 6:30 on the 27tthey would, a brand-new global crown cumulative 526,044 instances of pneumonia confirmed situations, a total of 23,709 instances of loss of life.

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