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May 7, Milan, Italia, a high-class goods shop clerk said in an interview with information surging, during the pandemic of shops possessed high-class products huge KERING apply to the Italian language govt shutdown financial assistance to survive the crisis, the current tentative stores May 18 time come back to work. mask for Coronavirus

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[Globe Wide Web reports reporter intern Qinhao Ru] US anti-China press so many Chinese language production “truth”, do American politicians themselves do not believe? US Cable News Network (CNN) May 5 published an content by elderly editor Chris Xi Lizha (Chris Cillizza) comments, satire American govt groundlessly accused China on the computer virus supply of the issue. Since coronavirus masks for sale.

Coronavirus mask best,In recent several weeks, some US politicians have got been claiming that the brand-new coronavirus is normally not naturally happening but Cina Wuhan lab artificial item, declaring that there can be “substantial evidence” to support such an case. However, the US Country wide Company of Infectious Diseases, head of the US-led battle against SARS Anthony Fauci (Anthony Fauci) stated that after intensive analysis, feels the current program of the malware is naturally produced is normally not man-made. Xi Lizha wrote, “that the two of them and only one of them can be a world-renowned contagious disease professional, I can tell you he is usually not Trump.”

n95 face masks for sale,In addition, Xi Lizha also satirizes the US mass media known as “the most Secretary of State poor “Pompeo in an interview with ABC (ABC) media reporter place themselves around into a” dead end. ” Pompeo start, stated that “the most excellent experts believe the malware can be man-made, I have got no reason to question them,” but when the person in charge informed reporters that the National Intelligence Business said the pathogen non-artificial, Pompeo and contradictory said: “I saw (cleverness firm) their statement, I possess no reason to question them.”

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“the US authorities to commute the resource of the problem throw the pathogen because they require the truth established into the already woven great lay. they require a scapegoat, but the ‘character’ is usually not really enough power, so they changed the ring finger of blame China. “Xi Lizha wrote. n95 mask for coronavirus.

Xi Lizha recent times the US government’s fight against SARS is definitely not really satisfied with the procedures, published several content showing such feelings.

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n95 masks for sale,In an article released in the 4tthey would, Xili Zha published, “coronavirus clearly show the problems the US govt spread false and deceptive info. Out of circumstance, to win partisan and altered the truth, all of us are potential victims. “

in the Internet period of highly developed, the general public around the world are American politicians observe this being an silly effort described farce. In the epidemic is still gradually raising in the United Expresses, the authorities unintentionally introduced plans to support front-line doctors and nurses, butRogue blame China than one hundred thousand mls. They were occupied searching at the “rejection container” look really absurd.

However Xili Zha more than the US government’s inaction can be not really pleased, many Americans do not really understand the very govt that frequently “broke up with container” approach.

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